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Updated February 3, 3017

The following Blackhawk Films  down_arrow.gif (1147 bytes) are generally Excellent+ to Near Mint condition and in the original boxes (OB) unless noted. A number in brackets ( ) indicates the number of prints I have of that title.


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  • THE STOLEN JOOLS (2) - 1931. Star-packed, including Laurel & Hardy, promotional short subject intended to raise funds for the National Variety Artists tuberculosis sanatorium, produced in association with Chesterfield cigarettes. Plot involves the investigation of the reported theft of Norma Shearer's jewelry. Made by the National Vaudeville Artists (NVA) as part of a charity campaign and distributed free to theatres in 1931. After the showing a live speaker would come out and request donations. The film was rediscovered in 1972 in Britain, where it had been released in 1932 as "The Slippery Pearls," one of the Masquers Club comedy series for RKO. Subsequently a U.S. print was discovered and the film's true title, origin and purpose were at last known. Near Mint in the OB - $39
  • Laurel and Hardy "2-Reel" Comedies - (1929-1935) Classic Hal Roach sound shorts from the greatest comedy team. Too many titles to list descriptions of each one. Call me or email if you need to ask anything about a title. Price reflects the general quality of print and condition: Very Good condition being $20; Excellent to Excellent+ being $29; Like New to Mint being $39, scarce hard to find titles as shown. Blackhawk prints, 400' in the OB or plastic cases:
    TIT FOR TAT - $39
    HOG WILD - $39
    PERFECT DAY - $39
    HELPMATES - $39
    GOING BYE-BYE - $39
    MEN 'O WAR - $29
    BUSY BODIES (2) - $39
    THEY GO BOOM (2) - $39
    BELOW ZERO (2) - $39
    THE LIVE GHOST - $29
    THE LIVE GHOST (Light) - $20

    DIRTY WORK (2) - $29
    DIRTY WORK (some wear) - $20
    BRATS - $29
  • ANOTHER FINE MESS - 1931 Laurel & Hardy "3-reel" comedy mounted on a 600' reel in a case. Near Mint - $69
  • THE MUSIC BOX -1932 Laurel & Hardy "3-reel" comedy mounted on a2x400' reels in the OB. Excellent - $49
  • Laurel and Hardy "2-Reel" Silent Comedies - Classic silent Hal Roach shorts with added sound tracks of music and sound effects. Excellent+ to Near Mint 400' in the OB:
    TWO TARS (2) - $39
    TWO TARS (Some wear) - $20
    YOU'RE DARN TOOTIN' (2) - $39
    LIBERTY - $39

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  • PARDON US - 1931 Laurel and Hardy comedy. Their first feature film. It's Prohibition, and the boys wind up in prison after Stan sells some of their home-brew beer to a policeman. Beautiful print with great density and in Near Mint condition - $119
  • PACK UP YOUR TROUBLES - On 2 full 600' reels in cases. The boys' Army buddy, Eddie Smith, is killed in the trenches in France, leaving his baby girl an orphan. Back home after Armistice, they try to find Eddie's father and turn the child over to him. Unfortunately, they keep coming up with the wrong Smiths, and in the process disrupt a wedding by proclaiming the baby to be the groom's child. Beautiful print with great density and in Near Mint condition - $119
    Another print on 4x400' reels in excellent used condition with some wear - $69
  • BLOCK-HEADS - 1938 Laurel and Hardy comedy with James Finlayson, Billy Gilbert and Ben Turpin. It's 1938, but Stan doesn't know the war is over; he's still patrolling the trenches in France, and shoots down a French aviator. Oliver sees his old chum's picture in the paper and goes to visit Stan at the Soldier's Home. Thinking Stan is disabled (it's just that he's sitting on his leg), Oliver takes pity on him and takes him home for a nice home-cooked meal. But Oliver's wife has other ideas and leaves him to fend for himself. After blowing up the kitchen, Oliver is helped by his next-door neighbor, Mrs. Gilbert... until the big-game hunting Mr. Gilbert comes home unexpectedly, carrying a shotgun. Near Mint print with excellent density on 2x600' reels in cases - $119
  • OUR RELATIONS - 1936 Laurel and Hardy comedy with Sidney Toler and James Finlayson. Laurel and Hardy play dual roles as twin brothers. The confusion caused creates lots of problems. Mint print with perfect density on 3x600' reels in cases - $119
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  • SONS OF THE DESERT - 1933 Laurel and Hardy comedy with Charlie Chase. When Stan and Ollie trick their wives into thinking that they are taking a medicinal cruise while they're actually going to a convention, the wives find out the truth the hard way. Mint Blackhawk print on 4x400' reels in the OB - $119
  • THE BOHEMIAN GIRL - 1936 Laurel and Hardy comedy with Mae Bush, Darla Hood and James Finlayson. Final screen appearance of Thelma Todd. A band of Gypsies are camped outside the walls of Count Arnheim's palace. Oliver's wife kidnaps the Count's daughter Arline, then leaves the child and runs off with her lover, Devilshoof. Not knowing her true identity, Oliver, with the help of "Uncle" Stanley, raises the girl as his own. Mint print on 3x600' reels - $119


  • HASTY MARRIAGE (2) - 1934 Charley Chase comedy with James Finlayson, Eddie Dunn and Billy Gilbert. Unemployed Charlie Chase is in love with a streetcar conductor's daughter, but her mother prefers a security officer with the streetcar line for son-in-law material. Hilarious goings-on on the streetcar follow and the couple commit a `Hasty Marriage' when Charlie finds out that the job he is applying for is only open to married men. Near Mint in the OB - $39
  • SOUTHERN EXPOSURE - 1935 Charley Chase comedy also starring Constance Bergen. Connie Chase receives a letter from Chaseville in Chase County, Kentucky, informing her that her lawyer husband, Jimmie, is a descendant of the Blue Grass State Chases. Mint in a case - $39
  • NEIGHBORHOOD HOUSE - 1936 Charley Chase comedy also starring Rosina Lawrence and Darla Hood. Charley and his family are attending a "Bank night" at the local cinema. This was Charley Chase's last film for Hal Roach. Mint in the OB - $39
  • HIS WOODEN WEDDING - 1925 Charley Chase comedy. Charley is warned from marrying a girl by a guy who wants two things, Charley's bride and an heirloom Charley gave her as an engagemenmt present. So the man writes Charley an anonymous note that his bride has a wooden leg. In the end, we know Charley will come to his senses, but before he does, we're treated to some very funny moments.  Charley's vision of the future; including children with wooden legs, the many hat gags throughout the film, and especially the dance sequence aboard ship are absolutely hilarious. Excellent+ print with the MGM logo and a music track added. 400' in a white box - $39


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  • Little Rascals (Our Gang) Comedies - Classic Hal Roach "2-reel" comedies (unless noted)  from 1929 to 1936. All Excellent used ($29) to Mint ($39) condition prints, and rare titles in Mint condition ($49). On 400' reels in the OB:
SCHOOL'S OUT (2) - $39
TEACHERS PET (2) - $39
OUR GANG FOLLIES 1936 (2) - $39



With original RKO Van Beuren music and effects sound track added in the 1930's.

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  • THE TRAMP - 1915. Charlie finds the girl of his dreams and work on a family farm. Syncronized music sound track. Like New on a 400' reel in the OB - $49

  • THE COUNT - 1916. Charlie burns a count's trousers while ironing them and is fired. The tailor finds an invitation to dinner at Miss Moneybags and goes in place of the count. With RKO Van Beuren music and effects sound track added in the 1930's. Like New on a 400' reel in the OB - $59

  • THE RINK - 1916. After amusements working in a restaurant, Charlie uses his lunch break to go roller skating. Like New on a 400' reel in the OB - $59

  • ONE A.M. - 1916. Charlie comes home drunk. Forgetting his key, he climbs in through the window, climbs back out with the key, and goes through the door. The rest are equilibrium gags, the central one being with his collapsible wall-bed. With RKO Van Beuren music and effects sound track added in the 1930's. Like New on a 400' reel in the OB - $59

  • THE IMMIGRANT - 1917. Charlie is an immigrant who endures a challenging voyage and gets into trouble as soon as he arrives in America. Like New on a 400' reel in the OB - $59

  • THE VAGABOND - 1916. After passing the hat and taking the donations intended for German street musicians Charlie heads for the country. Here he finds and rescues a girl from a band of gypsies. The girl falls in love with an artist whose portrait is later seen in a shop by the girl's real mother. With RKO Van Beuren music and effects sound track added in the 1930's. Like New on a 400' reel in the OB - $59

  • RUNAWAY TRUCK -  An action packed episode from the 1959 TV series "Sky King" starring Kirby Grant. Sky learns that a neighbor, driving a truck full of children back from a picnic has accidentally taken an overdose of sleeping pills. Sky uses his plane "The Songbird" to locate the truck and stop it. Directed by legendary Republic western and serial director William Witney. Mint print on 2x400' reels in the OB - $49
  • FILM FIRSTS - Paul Killiam's 50 minute compilation; with music, sound effects and narration; of historic "firsts" in motion picture techniques from 1895 to 1920 such as the first close-up, the first kiss, the first cartoon, the first western, the first use of lighting for effect, etc. Near Mint on 2x600' reels - $119
  • FARO NELL - 1929 Al Christie sound comedy starring Louise Fazenda. Near Mint 400' - $29
  • THE DENTIST (4) - Classic W.C. Fields 1933 Mack Sennett comedy. Mint in the OB - $39
    Also two prints, Excellent+ condition on a 400' reel in OB - $24
  • THE WOMAN IN GREY, CHAPTER 5 - 1920 serial starring Arline Pretty. Mint with music and effects track on a 400' reel in the OB - $29
  • Shirley Temple BABY BURLESK Comedies - GLAD RAGS TO RICHES (3), KIN N' HOLLYWOOD (2), KID N' AFRICA - $29 each
  • Flip The Frog - Created by Ub Iwerks. Mint Blackhawk prints in the OB: FUNNY FACE, THE NEW CAR - $39 each
  • BARNEY OLDFIELD'S RACE FOR A LIFE - 1913 Mack Sennett comedy. Virtuous Mabel Normand rejects the improper advances of a villainous cad. The furious villain and his henchmen then seize Mabel and chain her to a railroad track. With music and effects track. Like New, 250' on a 200' reel in white box - $39
    Also a Near Mint print, 250' on a 400' reel in a worn OB - $39
  • BLACKHAWK FILMS PREVUE 8 - A film of selected scenes of the silent film classics offered by Blackhawk. 200', Mint in the OB - $24
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  • BEER IS HERE - 1933 Weber and Fields comedy. Hilarious comedy team from Vaudeville in one of their few film comedies. Like New condition 30 minute comedy on 2x400' reels in a worn OB - $59
  • BARNEY OLDFIELDS RACE FOR A LIFE - 1913 Mack Sennett comedy with Ford Sterling, Mable Normand, mack Sennett and Barney Oldfield. Virtuous Mabel rejects the improper advances of a villainous cad. The furious villain and his henchmen then seize Mabel and chain her to a railroad track. Mabel's anxious boyfriend turns for help to the great Barney Oldfield, who jumps in his racing car and speeds to the rescue. With music and effects track. Near Mint, 400' in the OB - $39
  • FOX MOVIETONE NEWS RELEASES - Hard to find Blackhawk prints in Excellent to Near Mint condition in the OB's, 225' on 200' or 400' reels: FILMING THE FASHIONS (2), MONKIES IS THE CWAZIEST PEOPLES (3), WHEN DISASTER STRIKES, FILMING THE BIG THRILLS (2), LAWRENCE WELK CHAMPAGNE MUSIC (2), SCOURING THE SEVEN SEAS, MOVIETONE NEWS 1/25/1930, MOVIETONE NEWS 11/19/1930 - $29 each

  • LOWELL THOMAS REMEMBERS 1941 - Great series from the 60's as Lowell Thomas talks about the news of the past using scenes from Fox Movietone News. Excellent+ condition. 600' in a case - $29

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  • THE SILENT PARTNER - 1955 "Screen Directors Playhouse" television show starring Buster Keaton, Joe E. Brown and Zasu Pitts. 30 minutes on 2x400' reels - $39
  • MACK SENNETT'S FUN FACTORY - The wild comedy of Mack Sennett is shown is this great THE HISTORY OF THE MOTION PICTURE series Produced by Paul Killam and Saul Turrell in the 60's with music and narration. Excellent used condition on 2x400' reels in the OB - $39
  • THE SWORD OF VILLON - Episode of the 1956 "Screen Directors Playhouse" television show starring Errol Flynn. Dashing French adventurer Francois Villon learns of a plot to assassinate the king, and gathers his followers to stop the plot and save the king's life. Mint in the OB. 30 minutes on 2x400' reels - $49


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