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Updated July 15, 2017

All films on this page are Super-8 Magnetic Sound. All are black & white in Like New to Near Mint condition unless otherwise noted. Scroll down to see the list of titles.


I can take films off the larger 800' and 1200' reels and arrange them on 400' reels if needed at no extra charge.


  • THE LADYKILLERS - British, 1955. Funny comedy starring Alec Guinness, Herbert Lom and Peter Sellers. A gang planning a 'job' find themselves living with a little old lady, who thinks they are musicians. When the gang set out to kill Mrs Wilberforce, they run into one problem after another, and they get what they deserve. Beautiful Mint Eastman LPP Color Derann print on 2x800' and 1x400' reels - $299
  • CAROUSEL - Fox, 1956. Starring Gordon MacRae and Shirley Jones. Stereo sound, Cinemascope print requires anamorphic lens. Fifteen years after his death, a carnival barker is granted permission to return to Earth for one day to make amends to his widow and their daughter. Rodgers & Hammerstein's brilliant stage musical comes to the screen with most of the music intact--and what songs they are. Each one is a gem and fully integrated into the tragic storyline. Gordon MacRae stars as Billy Bigelow, the amusement park barker who tries to change his life when he marries Julie Jordan (Shirley Jones) with tragic results. MacRae's robust baritone is showcased in his big seven minute number, 'Soliloquy', performed at seaside with the ocean backdrop. Beautiful Near Mint LPP Color Derann print on 5x600' reels. Stereo Sound and Cinemascope - $399 (No Discount)
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  • TOM BROWNS SCHOOLDAYS - 1951 British drama starring Robert Newton and John Howard Davies. New boy Tom enters Victorian Rugby and faces headmaster Dr. Arnold and the bully Flashman. Near Mint print on 3x800' new Bonum reels in cases - $149
  • LONE RANGER AND THE LOST CITY OF GOLD (German title DE VERLOREN GELDSTAD) - 1958 with Clayton Moore and Jay Silverheels. Three Indians are murdered. Each was wearing a medallion when he died. Together the medallions form a puzzle whose solution points to gold. Abridged feature on 3x400' reels. Excellent+ condition abridged feature on Agfa Color film stock with English sound track and German subtitles - $39
  • BULLET FOR A BADMAN (German title KOGELS VOOR EEN MOORDENAAR) - 1964 Audie Murphy western with Darren McGavin and Ruta Lee. Former Texas Rangers Sam Ward and Logan Keliher become enemies when Sam turns bank robber and Logan marries Sam's ex-wife. Abridged feature on 3x400' reels. Excellent+ condition black and white film on Agfa Color film stock with English sound track and German subtitles - $39
  • ALEXANDER NEVSKY (Aleksandr Nevskiy) - Russian, 1938. It is the 13th century, and Russia is overrun by foreign invaders. A Russian knyaz', or prince, Alexander Nevsky, rallies the people to form a ragtag army to drive back an invasion by the Teutonic knights. This is a story based on the actual battle at a lake near Novgorod. Stars Nikolai Cherkasov. Near Mint Niles print on 6x400' reels - $179
  • BULLDOG COURAGE - Puritan Pictures, 1935 Tim McCoy western. A miner who was swindled out of his mine by a banker turns to robbing stagecoaches. Mint condition Hollywood Film Exchange print on 4x400' reels in the OB - $89
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  • MURDER - 1931 Alfred Hitchcock mystery starring Herbert Marshall. The police find the actress, Diana Baring, near the body of her friend. All the circumstantial proofs seems to point to her and, at the end of the trial, she is condemned. Sir John Menier, a jury member, suspects Diana's boyfriend, who works as an acrobat wearing a dresses. A very rare good quality print in Like New condition on 2x800' new Bonum reels in cases - $149
  • VALLEY OF TERROR - 1937 Kermit Maynard western. A cowboy finds himself in jail for rustling cattle. His buddy gets the idea to form a lynch mob in the hopes of arranging his escape once the mob takes him out of jail. Supurb quality, Like New Blackhawk print on 3x400' reels - $79
  • DEAD OF NIGHT - British, 1945. Stars Mervyn Johns and Michael Redgrave. An architect senses impending doom as his half-remembered recurring dream turns into reality. The guests at the country house encourage him to stay as they take turns telling supernatural tales. Excellent+ print on 2x600' and 1x400' reels - $229
  • HAUNTED RANCH - 1943 Range Busters western starring John King, David Sharpe and Glenn Strange. Both the Range Buster and Rance and his outlaw gang are looking for stolen gold bullion. To scare people away from the ranch where the gold is hidden, Rance has his man imitating ghosts. Great quality Mint Blackhawk print on 3x400' reels in the OB - $79
  • PHANTOM OF THE PLAINS - Republic, 1945. Red Ryder (Bill Elliott as Wild Bill Elliott) and Little Beaver (Bobby Blake) return to Blue Springs and learn that the Duchess (Alice Fleming), Red's aunt, is going to sell her stagecoach line and marry a snooty Englishman Talbot Champneys (Ian Keith), who is really Fancy Charlie, who has the nasty habit of marrying rich women and then killing them for their fortune. Excellent complete print with republic logo in Near Mint condition. 4x400' reels - $99
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  • SHALL WE DANCE - RKO, 1937. Starring Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers, Edward Everett Horton, Eric Blore. Fred, pretending to be ballet star Pete "Petrov" Peters, arranges to cross the Atlantic aboard the same ship as the dancer he's fallen for but barely knows. One of the best and funniest of their musicals. Mint Blackhawk print, complete with the RKO logo, on 3x800' new Bonum reels in cases - $199
  • A LAWMAN IS BORN - 1937 Johnny Mack Brown western. The wanted outlaw Tom Mitchell has put away his guns and now works in Root's store. When Sheriff Lance is killed, Martha Lance gets Tom to take the job. He straps the guns on again but Brownlee arrives and reveals him to be a wanted man. Excellent Red Fox print on 3x400' reels - $79
  • $50,000 REWARD - 1924 Ken Maynard western. Tex Sherwood has just come into possession of a valuable piece of land that will be irrigated by a new dam. Banker Holman knowing the deed must be registered the next day, offers a $50,000 reward for Tex's capture.Blackhawk print on a 1200' reel full to the brim - $89
  • SUNSET TRAIL - 1939 Hopalong Cassidy western. Stars William Boyd and George "Gabby" Hayes, Charlotte Wynters and Glenn Strange. Disguising himself as a milquetoast Easterner who writes Western novels, Hoppy enrolls in a dude ranch in order to unmask the murderer of the owner's husband. Niles Films print in Mint condition on 4x400' reels - $99
  • HOMESTEADERS OF PARADISE VALLEY - 1947 western. Red Ryder convinces homesteaders to settle in Paradise Valley. Business men in nearby Central City want control of the valley and water supply and propose to build a dam for half interest in the land. Fair quality in very good condition on 3x400' reels - $49
  • THE LAST OUTLAW - RKO, 1936 western. Starring Harry Carey, Hoot Gibson, Tom Tyler. After serving 25 years in prison for robbery, Dean Payton returns to his home town to see his daughter, Sally, who is unaware he is her father. Like New condition Hollywood Film Exchange print on 4x400' reels in the OB - $89
  • DAWN ON THE GREAT DIVIDE - 1942 Buck Jones western. Buck Roberts is leading a wagon train of railroad supplies and Jim Corkle and his henchman Loder are out to stop them by using white men dressed as Indians for the attacks. Like New print on 4x400' reels in cans - $89
  • THE OLD CORRAL - Republic, 1926 Gene Autry western with Smiley Burnette. As the sheriff of a small western town, Autry sings his way into a relationship with Eleanor, a singer from a Chicago nightclub who earlier witnessed a murder. Like New print on 3x400' reels in Movie Mart boxes - $59
  • GIT ALONG LITTLE DOGIES - Republic, 1937. When war breaks out between oilmen and cattle ranchers, Gene Autry sides with the ranchers until he learns that oil will bring a railraod to town. Like New Thunderbird print on 3x400' reels - $59

  • THE BOHEMIAN GIRL - 1936 Laurel and Hardy comedy with Mae Bush, Darla Hood and James Finlayson. Final screen appearance of Thelma Todd. A band of Gypsies are camped outside the walls of Count Arnheim's palace. Oliver's wife kidnaps the Count's daughter Arline, then leaves the child and runs off with her lover, Devilshoof. Not knowing her true identity, Oliver, with the help of "Uncle" Stanley, raises the girl as his own. Mint print on 3x600' reels in cases - $119
  • OUR RELATIONS - 1936 Laurel and Hardy comedy with Sidney Toler and James Finlayson. Laurel and Hardy play dual roles as twin brothers. The confusion caused creates lots of problems. Near Mint print with perfect density on 3x600' reels - $119
  • PARDON US - 1931 Laurel and Hardy comedy. Their first feature film. It's Prohibition, and the boys wind up in prison after Stan sells some of their home-brew beer to a policeman. Beautiful print with great density and in Near Mint condition - $119


  • BLOCK-HEADS - 1938 Laurel and Hardy comedy with James Finlayson, Billy Gilbert and Ben Turpin. It's 1938, but Stan doesn't know the war is over; he's still patrolling the trenches in France, and shoots down a French aviator. Oliver sees his old chum's picture in the paper and goes to visit Stan at the Soldier's Home. Thinking Stan is disabled (it's just that he's sitting on his leg), Oliver takes pity on him and takes him home for a nice home-cooked meal. But Oliver's wife has other ideas and leaves him to fend for himself. After blowing up the kitchen, Oliver is helped by his next-door neighbor Mrs. Gilbert until the big-game hunting Mr. Gilbert comes home unexpectedly, carrying a shotgun. Near Mint print with excellent density on 2x600' reels in cases - $119
  • PACK UP YOUR TROUBLES - 1932. Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy. The boys' Army buddy, Eddie Smith, is killed in the trenches in France, leaving his baby girl an orphan. Back home after Armistice, they try to find Eddie's father and turn the child over to him. Unfortunately, they keep coming up with the wrong Smiths, and in the process disrupt a wedding by proclaiming the baby to be the groom's child. Excellent+ condition, 4x400' in silver Blackhawk OB - $99


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The following features have Magnetic Sound Tracks of Music and Effects, however they can still be run on Super-8 silent projectors.


  • THE GOLD RUSH - 1925 Charlie Chaplin classic. The Gold Rush is one of Chaplin's best films, as well as one of his most famous. It has been said that it is the film that he most wanted to be remembered by, and it's not hard to see why. Chaplin plays the part of the lone prospector, a young miner during the gold rush. After getting caught in a storm, he hurries to the only shelter that he can find, a wood cabin in the middle of the storm. This is Chaplin's original release edit with the original ending that Chaplin cut out in his later re-release. Has an excellent music track added. Great quality Like New print on 4x400' reels - $229
  • INTOLERANCE - D.W. Griffith, 1916.Everything about this movie is fascinating. The story of a poor young woman, separated by prejudice from her husband and baby, is interwoven with tales of intolerance from throughout history. It is as ambitious a movie as has ever been made, and if you adjust for the era, it might also be the most lavish, expensive, and painstaking. Even today the scope and detail stand out, despite the many technical limitations in its era. Likewise, the enormous cast list contains many names that silent film fans will recognize at once, with well-known performers even in some of the minor roles. Like New Blackhawk print with added music track, not Blackhawks sound track. On 1200' and 1600' extend-a-reels - $179
  • $50.000 REWARD - 1924 Ken Maynard western. Tex Sherwood has just come into possession of a valuable piece of land that will be irrigated by a new dam. Banker Holman knowing the deed must be registered the next day, offers a $50,000 reward for Tex's capture. Near Mint Blackhawk print with special music score added. On a 600' and a 400' reel - $89
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  • ORPHANS OF THE STORM - Paul Killiams 50 minute compilation; with music, sound effects and narration; of the 1921 silent feature starring Lillian and Dorothy Gish. Henriette and Louise, a foundling, are raised together as sisters. When Louise goes blind, Henriette swears to take care of her forever. Near Mint on a 600' and a 400' reel - $99
  • TOL-ABLE DAVID - First National Pictures, 1921. Starring Richard Barthelmess. When three thuggish men are responsible for the death of his father and the crippling of his brother, young David must choose between supporting his family or risking his life and exacting vengeance. A superb piece of Americana, a great film that reproduces a long-lost time in America as well as long-last attitudes. Directed by Henry King. Near Mint Blackhawk print with music track added by collector. On 2x600' and 1x800' Bonum reels - $179
  • BLOOD AND SAND - Paramount, 1922. A romantic drama starring Rudolph Valentino and Nita Naldi. Against his mother's wishes, Juan pursues a career as toreador. He rapidly gains national prominence, and takes his childhood sweetheart Carmen as his bride. He meets the Marquis' daughter Dona Sol, and finds himself in the awkward position of being in love with two women, which threatens the stability of his family and his position in society. He finds interesting parallels in the life of the infamous bandit Plumitas when they eventually meet by chance. Near Mint Blackhawk print with added sound track of music. On 2x800' Bonum reels and cases - $149
  • TILLIES PUNCTURED ROMANCE - 1914 Marie Dressler comedy with Charlie Chaplin, Mable Normand, Chester Conklin and Mack Swain. Charlie talks wealthy farmer's daughter Tillie (Marie Dressler) into eloping with him. In the city Tillie gets drunk and lands in jail while Charlie runs off with her money and his old girlfriend Mabel. Later Charlie reads that Tillie has inherited the estate of her multi-millionaire uncle. Charlie dumps Mabel and talks Tillie into moving into her uncle's villa, and Mabel arranges to become a housemaid there. The uncle (never really dead) returns and summons the police to have them all thrown out. This is a rare quality, complete Blackhawk print of this first ever comedy feature, with a great added sound track of vintage comical 1920's music. Like New on 2x600' new Bonum reels in cases  - $139
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  • FOOLISH WIVES - Universal, 1922. Directed by and starring Eric von Stroheim. Also with Mae Bush. "Count" Karanzim, a Don Juan is with his cousins in Monte Carlo, living from faked money and the money he gets from rich ladies, who are attracted by his charmes and his title or his militaristic and aristocratic behaviour. He tries to have success with Mrs Hughes, the wife of the new US ambassador. This is a Near Mint Blackhawk print with an excellent music track added by a the collector that originally owned this print. On 3x800' and 1x600' new Bonum reels in cases - $189
  • WOMAN OF PARIS - 1923 romantic drama written and directed by Charlie Chaplin. Marie St. Clair believes she has been jilted by her artist fiance Jean when he fails to meet her at the railway station. She goes off to Paris alone. A year later, mistress of wealthy Pierre Revel, she meets Jean again. Misinterpreting events she bounces back and forth between apparent security and true love, and eventually  commits suicide. This is the re-issue of this film with a musical score and new cut by Charlie Chaplin. The film was re-issued in 1977 with the new sound score to overwhelming critical and public praise. This is a Near Mint RBC print on 2x800' new Bonum reels in cases - $169

The following are silent features with no added sound track:


  • THE GENERAL - 1927 Buster Keaton feature. Union solders have stolen The General, a Confederate train manned by Johnnie Gray, who was unable to enlist in the Confederate army because he is needed as an engineer. The Union plans to use the train to supply its soldiers in a sneak attack against the Confederates. But now it's up to Gray and his love, Annabelle Lee, to reclaim The General, recross enemy lines, and warn the Confederates. The train wreck is sensational. Like New Blackhawk print on 4x400' reels in a worn OB - $149
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  • THE MARK OF ZORRO - 1920 Douglas Fairbanks action adventure. In old Spanish California, the oppressive colonial government is opposed by Zorro, masked champion of the people, who appears out of nowhere with flashing sword and an athletic sense of humor, scarring the faces of evildoers with his Mark. Mint Niles Films print, 4x400' in the OB - $99
  • BLUE BLAZES RAWDEN - 1918 William S. Hart western. Rawden, a lumberjack in the North woods, fights with crooked dance hall owner 'Ladyfingers' Hilgard over the affections of Babette DuFresne. Mint Blackhawk print on 3x400' reels - $79
  • THE VIRGINIAN - 1923, with Kenneth Harlan and Florence Vidor. Molly Wood arrives in a small western town to be the new schoolmarm. The Virginian, foreman on a local ranch, takes a shine to her, and vows that he will make her love him. The Virginian's best friend, Steve, falls in with bad guys led by Trampas. Mint on 4x400' reels in the OB - $99
  • COLLEGE (2) - 1927 Buster Keaton feature.  Buster Keaton plays Ronald, a bumbling nerd who spends all of his time studying. After his high school graduation, he goes on to college, where he falls for Mary Haines (Ann Cornwall), a pretty coed who has her eye on Jeff Brown (Harold Goodwin), the college superjock. So Ronald sets out to make himself an athlete, and win the girl. Mint Blackhawk print on 4x400' reels in the OB - $99
  • THE LAW AND THE OUTLAW - 1913 Tom Mix western. Dakota Joe (Mix) is on the run for crime attributed to him but actually committed by his brother. Mint Blackhawk print on 2x400' reels in the OB - $69
  • NIGHT PATROL - 1926. Starring Richard Talmadge. A Los Angeles cop goes undercover to catch a gang of murderous thieves. Near Mint Blackhawk print on 3x400' reels - $69
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