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Updated June 16, 2017

Like New to Near Mint condition, black & white, on 400' reel unless noted. OB indicates the film is in it's original box. A number in brackets ( ) after a title indicates if I have more than one copy of that title. Lots of images here so give it time to feed in.
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Red Fox prints in Like New to Near Mint condition (unless noted) on a 600' reel in a case.
$59 each unless noted:

  • THE CONVENTION - In Chicago, the Kingfish gets a sample of the con game from his wife Sapphire who gets them to turn over their money to her, using a disguise, leaving the boys no money to get home.

  • THE NEW NEIGHBORS -Kingfish is fed up with his new neighbors who have borrowed nearly half of the stuff he owns so he decides to use the nocturnal wailings of a baby left in his care to drive them to distraction.

  • GIRL AT THE STATION -Sapphire sees a picture of another woman kissing Kingfish in the afternoon newspaper. Kingfish was at the station and the girl mistook him for her uncle.

  • LEROY'S SUITS - The Kingfish stages a clothing sale at the Lodge using a police lieutenant's entire wardrobe he mistakenly got when Lightnin' gives him the wrong address to Leroy's apartment.

  • THE RARE COIN - This first episode is also about 5 minutes longer. Freeman Gosden and Charles Correll introduce the cast. Niles Films print has some minor scratches and wear, Very Good condition - $39

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All on 400" reels unless noted

  • HOG WILD - 1930 Laurel & Hardy comedy. Mrs. Hardy insists that Oliver mount the radio aerial on the roof before he goes off gallivanting with his friend Stanley. But with Stanley's assistance, Oliver spends more time falling off the roof than atop it. This is a Perry's Movies print, yellow tinted on LPP color mylar film stock. Taken from a used British TV print with original titles. Near Mint dupe quality in the OB - $29
  • HOTEL ANCHOVY - 1934 Ritz Brothers comedy. Miss Whitney's bankrupt hotel is for sale. She hires the Ritz Brothers to keep guests in for appearance's sake. They do so and manipulate rival bidders in slapstick fashion. Wild, funny comedy and an Excellent quality Like New print, 400' - $59

  • HELPMATES - 1933 Laurel & Hardy comedy. Mint Walton Films print with all Film Classics titles. 400' in the OB - $39

  • THE MUSIC BOX - 1932 Laurel & Hardy comedy. Mint Walton Films print with all Film Classics titles. Abridged 400' version in the OB - $29

  • PANIC IN THE PARLOR - 1941 Leon Errol RKO comedy. Leon goes partying in Tiajuana with a friend,and his wife gets wise and makes plans to each him a lesson. Near Mint Thunderbird print, 400' in a Blackhawk box - $29
  • HONEYMOON BRIDGE (2) - 1935 Leon Errol Columbia comedy. His wife's obsession with playing bridge is starting to drive Leon crazy. 400', Near Mint in OB - $29
    Also one Like New print in a white box - $24
  • DOUBLE HONEYMOON - 1945 Leon Errol RKO comedy. The Errols go to a hotel for a second honeymoon and discover that Errol had registered there a week previous when he was supposed to be away on a business trip. Near Mint print, 400' in the OB - $29
    Another print by Perry's Movies in England, sepia tinted on LPP color stock - $29
  • KID'N' AFRICA - 1933 "Baby Burlesk" comedy series. An excellent quality Niles print with all original titles. 200', Near Mint in the OB - $29
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  • IT ALWAYS HAPPENS - 1935 Columbia comedy starring Andy Clyde. While on a business trip, Andy accidentially gets into a compromising position with the wife of a client. 400', Mint in the OB - $49
  • IN THE DOG HOUSE - 1934 Columbia comedy starring Andy Clyde. Andy remarries, but his new wife has no use for either his son or his dog. 400', Mint in the OB - $39
  • COLLEGE KIDDO - 1920's comedy with a music track. Starring Eddie Quillan and Madeline Hurlock. A Thunderbird print, 400' - $24
  • THE GOLF SPECIALIST (2) - 1930. W.C. Fields in his first sound comedy. At a Florida hotel, J. Effingham Bellweather goes slapstick golfing with the house detective's flirtatious wife and an incompetent caddy. Near Mint Niles print, 400' in the OB - $29
    One print in Excellent used condition - $25
  • THE FATAL GLASS OF BEER (3) - 1933 W. C. Fields comedy produced by Mack Sennett. The prodigal son of a Yukon prospector comes home on a night that "ain't fit for man nor beast." Near Mint Niles print, 400' in the OB - $29
    One print in Excellent used condition - $25
  • Bing Crosby Musical Comedies - Classic Mack Sennett comedies from the 1930's that gave Bing Crosby his start in the movies. Mint Niles Films prints, 400' in the OB: BLUE OF THE NIGHT, I SURRENDER DEAR (2), BILLBOARD GIRL - $29 each
  • RATTLING ROMEO - Columbia 1939 Charley Chase comedy. Charley buys a wreck of an automobile that's been made to appear new by a disreputable used car dealer, but he soon realizes it's literally falling apart. He stops payment, and then must dodge repossesors as well.400', Mint in the OB - $49
  • DISORDER IN THE COURT - 1936 Three Stooges comedy. The stooges are witnesses at a trial where their friend, a dancer at a nightclub where they are musicians, is accused of murder. Excellent used Niles Films print in the OB - $29
  • SWEET PIE AND PIE - 1941 Three Stooges comedy. The stooges are convicts about to be executed for some murders they didn't commit. The day before the execution they are tricked into marrying three rich girls who need husbands to collect a legacy. Very good condition, heavy scratches right side of picture, in the OB - $24

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The following Warner Brothers titles are condensed versions, approximately 40 minutes long, of the feature films. These are on New Bonum 800' reels in cases, but can be put on 2x400' reels if required.

  • GOLD DIGGERS OF 1933 - Dick Powell, Ruby Keeler and Joan Blondell. Derann digest on 2x400' reels. Near Mint condition - $89
  • GOLD DIGGERS OF 1935 - Dick Powell and Gloria Stuart. Derann digest on 2x400' reels. Near Mint condition - $89


  • SCROOGE, THANK YOU VERY MUCH - This is the last 10 minute segment from the 1970 Christmas classic "Scrooge" starring Albert Finney. LPP Color Cinemascope Classic Home Cinema print, 200' - $39
  • BROKEN ARROW - Theatrical "Coming Soon" trailer for the 1996 feature starring John Travolta. Like New AGFA Color Cinemascope (Anamorphic) print - $29
  • BANGER BOYS - British demolition derby. Decorating old cars to be destroyed and smashed to a standstill. Mint 1960's Walton Films beautifulFuji Color print in the OB, about 250' on a 400' reel - $49
  • PEARL & DEAN PRESENTS - THE CINEMA STEPS OUT - Derann Films releases. Pearl & Dean advertisements and the 10 minute short Cinema Steps Out on a full 400' reel. Eastman color is reddish - $39
  • DOLBY DIGITAL FANFARE LOGOS - Set of two different style Stereo LPP Color fanfare logos from the 1990's. About 100' on a 200' reel - $39
  • LIGHTS OUT, A HISTORY OF THE 9.5MM FILM FORMAT - PM FILMS British release. Michael Bentine tells the story of 9.5mm home movies. Excellent condition in the PM Films original box, 400' - $59
  • CRY BABIES - Excerpt from "Fra Diavolo" starring Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy. Sepia (gold) tinted on LPP color mylar film stock. Mint Perry's Movies print in the OB, 400' - $49
  • FANTASTIC FOOTBALL FUNNIES - Columbia Pictures 400' Digest of hilarious goofs and foul-ups by the football pros. Near Mint EastmanColor, in the OB - $39
  • DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL - Fox, 1951. Earliest science fiction classic to set the standard. An alien lands and tells the people of Earth that they must live peacefully or be destroyed as a danger to other planets. Near Mint in the OB - $59
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  • BUCK ROGERS - Universal Pictures, 1939. Serial chapters starring Buster Crabbe. A pilot and his young passenger crash-land on a mountaintop and are put into suspended animation by a strange gas. They awake 500 years later to discover that the Earth is now ruled by a tyrant called Killer Kane, and they lead a fight to overthrow him. Mint Ivy Films prints in the OB: Chapter 1 - $39
  • BATMAN - 1941 Columbia Pictures serial. Chapter 15, DOOM OF THE RISING SUN. 400', Mint in the OB - $39
  • BATMAN AND ROBIN - Columbia Pictures, 1947. Action packed serial chapters. Each complete on a 400' reel in the OB. Near Mint: Chapter 15 - BATMAN VICTORIOUS - $39
  • ALL STAR BOND RALLY - Twentieth Century Fox, 1945. Inspirational documentary short film featuring Hollywood stars promoting the sales of War Bonds through songs and skits. Starring Bob Hope, Vivian Blaine, Jeanne Crain, Bing Crosby, Betty Grable, Harry James, Frank Sinatra, Harpo Marx and many more. Mint Niles Films print on a full 400' reel in the OB - $49

  • THE JAZZ SINGER - Original release trailer from the 1927 classic with Al Jolson. Extra long, at least 5 minutes, and very unusual. On a 200' reel - $39

  • GHOSTS ON THE LOOSE - 1943 comedy with the East Side Kids, Ava Gardner and Bela Lugosi. Glimpy's surprisingly beautiful sister is getting married to Jack, a young engineer, and moving to a 'bargain' suburban house neither has ever seen. During the honeymoon, the East Side Kids decide to fix up the house for the newlyweds, but mistakenly pick the 'haunted' house next door, which is occupied by some mysterious live men, dodging in and out of secret panels and clearly up to no good. 400' extract from the feature, Near Mint on a 400' reel - $39

  • Columbia Classics Digest Prints - All Near Mint condition 400' in the OB:
    MR. DEEDS GOES TO TOWN - Gary Cooper, HOLIDAY - Kathryn Hepburn and Cary Grant - $29 each

  • BUFFALO BILL - Fox, 1944. 400' extract from the feature starring Joel McCrae and Maureen O'Hara. Like New in the OB - $39

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  • Columbia Pictures, Warner, FOX, MGM, Disney Color Digests - Excellent to Like New prints, 400' in the worn OB with fair to faded Eastman color :
  • ANCHORS AWEIGH & ON THE TOWN Trailers - Classic MGM Gene Kelly musical trailers. Outstanding quality Mint Derann LPP Color Mylar print, 200' reel - $69
  • DODGE CITY - Warner Brothers, 1939. Stars Errol Flynn and Olivia de Havilland. SP Color is reddish. Derann Films 400' extract in the OB - $29
  • ALL STAR GAME OF 1973 - Columbia Pictures official major league baseball film. Mint Eastman Color Mylar print, full 400' in the OB - $39
  • MGM Color Feature Digests - All 200' Color (possibly fading), Mint in shrinkwrap: MOGAMBO, QUO VADIS, BEN-HUR - $15 each
  • STAR WARS - Very good print with some wear and faded Eastman Color in the Excellent OB, 200' - $24
  • SOUVENIR TRAVEL FILMS FROM GERMANY - ROTHENBERG / O.T. - With an English soundtrack. Near Mint with Eastman Color reddish. 400' in the OB - $39
  • SPIRIT OF AMERICA - A 3 minute fast paced visual montage depicting the story of America's growth from colonial times to the greatest nation on the earth. Full 50' reel in Color in the OB - $18
  • DUEL OF THE WIZARDS - Extract from the Disney cartoon feature "Sword In The Stone". 200' Mint in shrinkwrap with Spanish soundtrack - $29
  • WAR-GODS OF THE DEEP - Excerpt from the American International feature starring Vincent Price. A fantastic journey under the sea. Excellent+ Eastman Color print in a Mint OB. Color is reddish - $29
  • Thrilling Westerns of Hopalong Cassidy - British company Fletcher Films releases. Like New print, 200' in the decorative plastic OB: THE LOST MINE - $29
  • Ken Maynard Westerns - Walton Films 400' digest prints of Ken Maynard westerns. Near Mint in the OB's: DEATH RIDES THE RANGE, THE PHANTOM RIDES THE TRAIL, SECRET ASSIGNMENT, FLAMING LEAD (in square can) - $39 each
  • SHAW'S PYGMALION - 1938. Excerpt from the feature "Pygmailon" by George Bernard Shaw. Stars Leslie Howard and Wendy Hiller. The snobbish & intellectual Professor of languages, Henry Higgins makes a bet with his friend that he can take a London flower seller, Eliza Doolittle, from the gutters and pass her off as a society lady. However he discovers that this involves dealing with a human being with ideas of her own. Excellent+ condition, 400' - $39


  • STAGECOACH - 1951. Starring John Wayne and Claire Trevor. A group of people traveling on a stagecoach find their journey complicated by the threat of Geronimo and learn something about each other in the process. Excellent condition Walton Films abridgement on a 400' reel - $39
  • BAR 20 - Walton Films condensed print of the Hopalong cassidy feature "Bar 20 Rides Again". Mint on 2x400' reels in the OB - $59
  • Ken Maynard Westerns - Walton Films 400' digest prints of Ken Maynard westerns. Near Mint in the OB's: DEATH RIDES THE RANGE, THE PHANTOM RIDES THE TRAIL, SECRET ASSIGNMENT, FLAMING LEAD (in square can) - $39 each
  • ONE WAY OUT - 1955 TV episode of Four Star Playhouse starring Ida Lupino. Diana finally leaves her playboy husband and moves to an apartment in New York. Soon after arriving at her new place, she finds herself locked in with no electricity and very little food. Gradually Diana becomes unhinged which is the goal of the husband and his girlfriend who booby-trapped the place to send her over the edge. Full 400', Mint condition - $39
  • SOS COAST GUARD - Chapter 1, "Disaster At Sea", of this 1937 Republic Pictures serial. Mint Thunderbird Films print, 400' in the OB - $39
  • I NEVER FORGET A FACE (2) - Warnmer Brothers,1956. Excellent Robert Youngson documentary features short snippets about well known people. It includes presidential candidate Warren Harding and his front porch campaign in his home town of Marion, Ohio where Al Jolson sang to the crowd; his successor, Calvin Coolidge; William Jennings Bryan at the 1920 Democratic convention where FDR was selected as the Vice Presidential candidate; the visit of the Prince of Wales; the so-called monkey trial that pitted Clarence Darrow against Bryan; Richard Bird as he trained for his flight over the North Pole; and finally George Bernard Shaw on a visit to America. Near Mint on a full 200' reel - $29



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All 200' in original boxes (OB) unless noted.
Click the thumbnail at the right to read the information on the back of the Castle box. CastleBackBox2.jpg (168263 bytes)

Universal Horror and Science Fiction, Comedy, Adventure, Sports and Historic films released by Castle Films.
All Castle Films are blac& white 200' (approx. 9 minutes) professionally edited excerpts in Super 8mm magnetic sound, in the original boxes and in Near Mint condition unless noted.  The number in brackets ( ) after a title indicates if I have more than one print of that title.

  • THE MUMMY'S GHOST (2)- Starring Lon Chaney Jr., Excellent to Like New in the Castle Films OB - $49
  • DR. CYCLOPS - 1939 fantasy horror film start Albert Dekker. Near Mint in the Castle Films OB - $49
    Also a Universal-8 print, Mint in shrinkwrap - $59
  • REVENGE OF THE CREATURE - 1956 Science Fiction classic with John Agar. Like New in the Castle Films OB - $59
  • W.C. FIELDS Comedies - Castle Films excerpts from his classic Paramount and Universal features. All in Near Mint condition in the OB: IF I HAD A MILLION, CALIFORNIA BOUND, HURRY HURRY, THE GREAT CHASE - $39 each
  • ABBOTT & COSTELLO Comedies - Castle Films feature highlights from their great comedies. All in Near Mint condition in the OB: HOLLYWOOD AND BUST, HAVE BADGE WILL CHASE, CHAMPS OF THE CHASE, NO BULLS PLEASE, KNIGHTS OF THE BATH, RIDE 'EM COWBOY - $39 each
  • FIREMAN, SAVE MY CHILD - Wild comedy with Buddy Hackett and Spike Jones. Near Mint in the OB - $39
  • SON OF FRANKENSTEIN - 1939. Boris Karloff, Bela Lugosi and Basil Rathbone. Like New in a white box - $39
  • HOUSE OF FRANKENSTEIN (2) - 1945, Starring Boris Karloff and Glenn Strange. Excellent condition in Castle Films OB or Universal-8 OB - $39
  • ABBOTT & COSTELLO MEET THE MUMMY - Mint in the Universal-8 OB, 200' - $49
  • THE WOLFMAN - 1940, Starring Lon Chaney Jr., Claude Rains and Bela Lugosi. Like New in the OB - $49
  • ABBOTT & COSTELLO MEET DR. JEKYLL & MR. HYDE - Comedy horror classic also starring Boris Karloff. Like New in the excellent condition Castle OB - $49
  • WHO'S ON FIRST (2) - Abbott and Costello classic comedy from "Naughty Nineties". The complete classic routine, about 7 minutes. Mint in Universal-8 box - $39
  • PIRATE'S HAVEN - 1967. Adventure excerpt from "King's Pirate" starring Doug McClure and Jill St. John. Near Mint in the OB - $39
  • CIRCUS THRILLS - Like New in the OB - $29
  • GERONIMO - 1939 historic western stars Preston Foster and Andy Devine. The army's effort to capture Apache chief Geronimo, who is leading a band of warriors on a rampage of raiding and murder, is hampered by a feud between two officers who are father and son.  Mint in the OB - $39
  • FRONTIER FURY - 1950. Excerpt from "Winchester 73" starring James Stewart. Near Mint in the Castle Films OB  - $39
    Another print in Excellent+ condition in the Universal-8 OB - $29
  • RAILS INTO LARAMIE - 1954 Universal western stars Dan Duryea and John Payne. Excellent+ in the Universal-8 OB - $29
  • THE WHITE HOUSE - Camera tour of the White House in the 1960's. Mint faded Eastman Color in shrinkwrap - $29

  • THIS IS WAR (2) - The Marx Brothers comedy. Excerpt from DUCK SOUP. Mint in excellent condition OB - $29

  • PIGSKIN CAPER - The Marx Brothers comedy. Excerpt from MONKEY BUSINESS. Mint in excellent condition OB - $29

  • GAY 90'S LIVE AGAIN & YESTERDAY LIVES AGAIN - Both together on a 400' reel in a white box. Like New condition - $59

  • NEWS PARADE OF THE YEAR - Castle Films released one of these every year from 1937 to 1972. These are very hard to find in super-8 sound. All Near Mint to Mint, some in shrinkwrap: 1938 (2), 1940, 1941, 1942, 1943, 1944, 1946, 1964, 1969, MOVIES GREATEST HEADLINES - $39 each

Castle Films changed into Universal-8 Films in the early 70's. They finally responded to collectors demands by releasing films in these longer 400' digest versions. All are Black and White unless noted as Color.

  • THIS ISLAND EARTH - 1955 science fiction classic stars Rex reason and Faith Domergue. 400' Eastman Color extract, with fair color, in the OB - $49
  • SWASHBUCKLER - 1976. Stars Robert Shaw. 400' Eastman Color extract, with fair color, in the OB - $29
  • MONKEY BUSINESS - 1931 Marx Brothers classic. 400', Near Mint in the OB - $59
  • BUCK PRIVATES COME HOME - Abbott and Costello comedy. 400', Near Mint in the OB - $59
  • WISTFUL WIDOW OF WAGON GAP - Abbott and Costello with Marjorie Main. Near Mint in the OB - $59
  • ABBOTT & COSTELLO IN SOCIETY - Abbott and Costello comedy. 400', Near Mint in the OB - $59
  • ABBOTT & COSTELLO IN THE NAVY - Abbott and Costello comedy with Dick Powell. 400', Near Mint in the OB - $59
  • FRANKENSTEIN - 1931 classic with Boris Karloff. 400', Near Mint in the OB - $89
  • FRANKENSTEIN - 1931 classic with Boris Karloff. 400'. Spanish version, 400' Near Mint in plain box - $29


  • W.C. Fields Comedies - 400' excerpts from his classic Paramount and Universal features. All in Near Mint condition in the OB:
  • FLOWER DRUM SONG - Universal, 1961. Chinese stowaway Mei Li (Miyoshi Umeki) arrives in San Francisco with her father to meet her fiancĂ©, wealthy nightclub owner Sammy Fong (Jack Soo), in an arranged marriage, but the groom has his eye on his star singer Linda Low (Nancy Kwan). Mint 400' faded Eastman Color extract in the OB - $29

Complete cartoons, Like New to Mint condition on  200' reels. All cartoons not in original boxes will be in white or Movie Classics boxes.


__________ SUPER 8 SOUND COLOR CARTOONS __________
  • Yogi Bear Cartoons - Columbia Pictures. All beautiful Near Mint Color prints in the OB:
  • EL KABONG - Columbia Pictures Quick Draw McGraw cartoon. Near Mint beautiful Color print in the OB - $39
  • Tom & Jerry Cartoons - Classic MGM cartoons. All beautiful Agfa Color no-fade prints in Like New condition, most in the OB:
  • Cinemascope Tom and Jerry Cartoons - Beautiful Agfa Color Cinemascope prints in Mint condition in the OB: PET PEEVES, TOM AND CHERIE - $49 each
  • Tom & Jerry Cartoons - Classic MGM cartoons released by MGM home movies in the OB. Beautiful SP Color prints in Near Mint condition in the OB: CASANOVA CAT, LITTLE ORPHAN, JOHANN MOUSE - $39 each
  • TEE FOR TWO - Tom and Jerry cartoon classic. Tom is golfing, but the ball keeps jumping out of the cup, thanks to Jerry. Tom puts Jerry to work as a tee, but Jerry keeps doing things like replacing Tom's ball with a bird's egg that hatches in flight, or tying his club to his tail. Very funny cartoon. Mint Derann LPP Color print in the OB - $59
  • RABBIT ROMEO - 1957 Bugs Bunny cartoon. Elmer Fudd's Uncle Judd gives him a huge, lovesick Slobovian rabbit who falls for Bugs Bunny. Like New SP Color print - $29
  • EASY PECKINS - 1953 Merrie Melodies cartoon. A no-nonsense, hulky rooster guards a chicken coop that a fox repeatedly tries to raid. The rooster uses a gunpowder-filled chicken decoy, an exploding egg, a mallet, and a gun to repel all of the fox's sneaky attempts to gain access to the chickens. Like New SP Color print - $29
  • GERALD McBOING-BOING - 1950 UPA classic. The story of a little boy who would only talk in sound effects. With story by Dr. Seuss, this cartoon won the Oscar for best animated short subject for 1950. Excellent+ mylar Eastman Color print with slightly faded color in the OB - $39
  • HOW NOW BOING-BOING - 1954 UPA cartoon classic with Gerald McBoing Boing. This is the third of the four theatrical Gerald McBoing Boing shorts done by UPA. Rare print not sold on the home market. Excellent condition mylar Eastman Color print, excellent color - $39
  • DIME TO RETIRE - 1955 Looney Tunes. Porky Pig is a tired traveller driving into a town and looking for a hotel. He is delighted to find one with a 10 cent per-night fee. But its manager is Daffy Duck, who infests Porky's room with a succession of rest-disturbing animals and asks an increasingly hefty sum for each time he has to remove an animal from the room. Beautiful Near Mint Agfa Color print - $49

MagoosMooseHunt1.jpg (54053 bytes)

  • COAL BLACK AND DE SEBBEN DWARFS - 1943 Bob Clampett Merrie Melodies classic. So White flees from the wicked Queenie, wins over the thugs from Murder Inc. and meets her overrated Prince Chawmin'. Near Mint SP Color Mylar print has reddish color - $29
  • ZIPPING ALONG - Road Runner cartoon. Excellent Techno Film Eastman Color print with very good, slightly faded color. Excellent+ in the OB - $29
  • REAUX REAUX REAUX YOUR BOAT - United Artists "The Inspector" cartoon. Near Mint Agfa Color Walton Films print in the OB - $39
  • Mister Magoo Cartoons - Classic UPA Mister Magoo Cartoons from the early 1950's with the near-sighted Mr. Magoo. Excellent+ to Near Mint mylar Eastman Color prints with Excellent color in the OB's: SLOPPY JALOPY, MAGOO'S MOOSE HUNT, LOVE COMES TO MAGOO - $39 each
  • MAGOO MEETS FRANKENSTEIN - UPA Mr. Magoo cartoon. Magoo ends up in the castle of Dr. Frankenstein. Beautiful Near Mint No-fade Color 1990's or later Kodak print - $59
  • CINDERELLA'S SURPRISE DRESS - Both Walt Disney home movie extracts from "Cinderella" combined on a 400' reel. British LPP Color Mylar print. Near Mint - $39
  • MINNIE THE MOOCHER - 1931 Betty Boop classic. This is the version re-animated in the 1980's in color. A Near Mint Ivy Films print with good but reddish color - $24
  • THE TALKING MAGPIES - 1946 Terrytoon. The magpies move into a nest in a tree right outside Farmer Al's bedroom window. Chaos ensues as the magpies and the farmer try to best each other. The first Heckle and Jeckle cartoon. Near Mint Mylar Eastman Color CineMagnetics print - $29
  • INJUN TROUBLE - 1960's Deputy Dawg cartoon. Deputy Dawg was the loyal but none-too-bright canine lawman of a backwoods Tennessee precinct, Creekmud Junction. The animals that live in the nearby swamp tend to give Deputy Dawg a hard time. Excellent+ SP Color print - $29
  • PRINCE AND THE PAUPER - Walt Disney, 1990. Featurette cartoon with Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy and many more classic Disney characters. Complete as originally released theatrically. A poor boy and a prince exchange identities and lives while the villainous Captain of the Guard plots to take advantage of this. Mint LPP Color print on a full 600' reel - $149
  • BEARLY ASLEEP - Walt Disney, 1955. Park ranger Donald Duck sends his bears off to hibernate, but Humphrey would rather stay in his hammock, run out for a glass of water, etc., than sleep; when he does get to sleep, his snoring gets him thrown out. Like New LPP Color Cinemascope (Anamorphic) print - $49
  • THE WITCH'S CAT - 1948 Mighty Mouse cartoon. A witch and her really-stupid cat try to disrupt a Halloween celebration by the mice. They swoop down on the mice as they are parading around a bonfire. But the cat burns its tail, is discovered, and the Mighty One is summoned. Beautiful Eastman Color mylar print in the OB - $39
  • I'M COLD - Classic 1954 Walter Lantz cartoon directed by Tex Avery starring Chilly Willy. Chilly is freezing in his igloo home and burning everything he owns in the fireplace to keep warm. He notices an ad for the local fur factory and realizes that warmth is only a visit away. Near Mint, Beautiful Eastman Color mylar print in the Universal 8 OB - $49
  • CLASH AND CARRY - Walter Lantz Chilly Willy cartoon. This is an excellent Chilly Willy cartoon as the silent little penguin discovers that Wally Walrus is running a fish market. Beautiful Eastman Color mylar print, Mint condition in the worn Castle Films OB - $49
  • ROOM AND WRATH - 1956 Chilly Willy cartoon. Smedley the dog, manager of the "Snowtel" where Chilly Willy is visiting, notices Chilly has not paid his bill. When Chilly still refuses to pay, Smedley tries various methods of evicting him. Near Mint, Beautiful Eastman SP Color mylar print in the Universal/8 OB - $49
  • THE LEGEND OF ROCKABYE POINT - Classic 1955 Walter Lantz cartoon directed by Tex Avery starring Chilly Willy. In the Antarctic, a fishing boat passes an iceberg where we hear the lullaby "Rockabye Baby" being sung. The captain explains how, 20 years ago, a polar bear was trying to steal fish from his ship. Alas, Chilly Willy the penguin also had his eyes on the fish. A very mean bulldog was sleeping in front of the fish, and Willy made sure the polar bear kept waking it up. Every time, the bear quickly sang a verse of "Rockabye Baby" and the dog would fall asleep again. Finally, the two of them ended up stranded atop a tall iceberg, where we see that they're still going at it, with bushy gray beards now. Near Mint, Beautiful Eastman Color mylar print in the Universal 8 OB - $49
  • CALLING ALL CUCKOOS - 1956 Pierre Bear and Woody Woodpecker. A clockmaker goes into the woods in search of a cuckoo and finds Woody. Like New Eastman Color mylar print, reddish color, in the Castle OB - $29
  • ROCKET RACKET - 1962 Woody Woodpecker cartoon with Gabby Gator. Like New Eastman Color mylar print, reddish color, in the Castle OB - $29
  • SLEEP HAPPY - 1951 Woody Woodpecker cartoon. An exhausted Woody is walking the streets looking for a place to rest. He happens upon Wally Walrus' bed & board which welcomes boarders. Unfortunately, Woody tends to be a noisy roommate with his constant snoring, chuckling, and moving about. Mint mylar SP Color print in the OB - $39
  • STAGE HOAX - 1952 Woody Woodpecker cartoon. Weary Woody Woodpecker is hitchhiking across the desert trying to thumb a ride on a passing stagecoach. He adds artificial limbs and dresses like a girl and has no problem in getting on the next one. Near Mint mylar SP Color print in the OB - $39
  • WHO'S COOKIN' WHO? - 1946. Very funny Woody Woodpecker cartoon. Woody is starving in the snow. The wolf has intentions of eating Woody, but Woody also has the same thoughts regarding the wolf. Beautiful Eastman Color mylar print in the OB - $39
  • KNOCK KNOCK - 1940 Woody Woodpecker cartoon. The first Woody Woodpecker cartoon. Andy Panda asks Pop if you can really catch a bird by putting salt on its tail. Pop tells Andy not to bother him only to hear a knocking at the door. Near Mint mylar SP Color print in the OB - $39
  • BARBER OF SEVILLE - 1944 Woody Woodpecker cartoon. Woody is standing outside the Seville Barber Shop looking at the ads. Wanting a "victory haircut", he decides to enter the shop only to find the owner has stepped out for a physical. Woody decides to cut his own hair. Near Mint mylar SP Color print in the OB - $39
  • SLING SHOT 6 7/8 - 1951 Woody Woodpecker cartoon. Out west, tenderfoot Woody uses his slingshot against Indian Buzz Buzzard in a shooting contest. Near Mint mylar SP Color print in the OB - $39
  • MUSICAL MOMENTS FROM CHOPIN - 1946 Walter Lantz musical cartoon. Andy Panda is playing a rendition of Chopin's "Polonaise" for a farmyard audience. Eventually, Woody Woodpecker walks in and decides to join him, accompanying him on an adjacent piano. Mint mylar SP Color print in the OB - $39
  • KIDDIE KONCERT (2) - 1948 Walter Lantz musical cartoon. Wally Walrus is the conductor at a local schoolhouse who conducts the entire school band to the tune of "Morning, Noon, and Night in Vienna". Mint mylar SP Color print in the OB - $39
  • FRANKENSTYMIED - 1961 Woody Woodpecker cartoon. Out west, tenderfoot Woody uses his slingshot against Indian Buzz Buzzard in a shooting contest. Near Mint mylar Eastman Color print with reddish color in the OB - $29
  • BANTY RAIDS - 1963 Merrie Melodies cartoon with Foghorn Leghorn.A hipster rooster, attracted to the hens in Foghorn Leghorn's barnyard, disguises himself as a baby foundling on Foghorn's doorstep. Like New Italian Techno Film print. Eastman Color print with reddish color in the OB - $29
  • PREST-O CHANGE-O - 1939 Warner Merrie Melodies cartoon. On a dark and stormy night, the two Curious Puppies wander into an old dark house, and fall victim to the tricks of a mischievous magician's rabbit. Near Mint Red Fox Films Eastman Color print with reddish but fair color - $29

__________ SUPER 8 SOUND B&W CARTOONS __________

Beans LooneyTune1.jpg (53190 bytes)
  • EATIN' ON THE CUFF - 1942 Looney Tune. On his way to marry his Honey Bee, a moth falls into the clutches of an amourous black widow spider, who at one point disguises herself as Veronica Lake in an attempt to snare her bug. Great Bob Clampett action in this cartoon with combination of live action and animation. Near Mint Red Fox print - $49
  • GERALD McBOING BOING (2) - Academy award winning Columbia UPA cartoon of a little boy that can only speak in sound effects. Mint black and white print in the OB - $29
  • THE JAYWALKER - 1956 UPA cartoon. Clever cartoon that is almost a textbook example of UPA's work. Mint in the OB - $29
  • NEVER SOCK A BABY - 1939 Popeye Cartoon. Black and White classic. Mint condition Derann print - $39
  • POPEYE PRESENTS EUGENE THE JEEP - 1939 Popeye Cartoon. Black and White classic introduces the magical Jeep character. Mint condition Red Fox print - $39
  • Betty Boop Cartoons - Near Mint Thunderbird prints: BETTY IN BLUNDERLAND, BABY BE GOOD, BETTY BOOP AND THE LITTLE KING - $39 each
  • THE LION - David Hand Animaland Cartoon. Mint Walton black & white print in OB - $20
BettyBoop.jpg (20590 bytes)
  • Chilly Willy Cartoons - Walter Lantz cartoons, All Like New condition in the OB:  SWISS MISSFIT, THE BIG SNOOZE, ROOM AND WRATH, POLAR PESTS, FISH HOOKED (2), CLASH AND CARRY - $29 each

  • Woody Woodpecker Cartoons - Walter Lantz cartoons, All Like New condition in the OB: MISGUIDED MISSLE, BOX CAR BANDIT, UNBEARABLE SALESMAN, LOG JAMMED, WOODY'S CLIP JOINT, THREE LITTLE WOODPECKERS (2) - $29 each

  • Inspector Willoughby Cartoons - Walter Lantz cartoons, All Like New condition in the OB: ROUGH AND TUMBLEWEED, CASE OF THE RED-EYED RUBY - $29 each

  • OVERTURE TO WILLIAM TELL - Walter Lantz Musical Miniature cartoon. Mint in OB - $29

  • THE MOUSE AND THE LION - Walter Lantz Fable cartoon. Like New condition in the OB - $29

All Films On This Page Are Super-8 Magnetic Sound Only.
Check back often as I'll always be adding more titles !

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