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Updated June 9, 2023


From my own collection started in 1960. Others I picked up at estate sales only if they were Mint condition. All albums, with few exceptions, are Near Mint to Mint condition with original jackets and sleeves. All are Hi-Fi monophonic unless indicated as  being in Stereo. Condition will be rated on a 1 to 10 scale; 10 being Mint or maybe played once. The first number shown is the record condition, the second number is the jacket condition. A number in brackets ( ) after a title indicates the number of copies I have of that title.

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  • WINCHESTER CATHEDRAL - 1960's, Fontana Records. The original hit that brought back the sound of the 1920's by The New Vaudeville Band. Includes 10 songs with that same 1920's sound. 9+/9+ - $25
  • WINCHESTER CATHEDRAL - The same album as above but in Stereo. 9+/9+ - $35
  • REGINA (2) - Recordings from the turn of the century Regina Music Box. Distributed independently. Picture of the actual music box used is on the cover. 10/10 - $10
  • CIRCUS TIME - MCA Records. Circus music played by Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey circus band. 10/9 - $24
  • DEAN MARTIN, MEMORIES ARE MADE OF THIS - Longines Symphonette Society. Excellent 5 record set in Stereo. Dean sings 50 of tis greatest hits. With guide book and index in attractive storage box. 9+/9+ - $69
  • THE BEST OF THE TELEPHONE HOUR - Longines Symphonette Society. Excellent 5 record set in Stereo. Classical, Broadway, blues and swing. The best music performed on the Bell Telephone Hour television show. In attractive storage box. 10/9 - $69.
  • MORE HIT TV THEMES - 1962, Capitol Stereo. Nelson Riddle's orchestra performs The Beverly Hillbillies, Lucy Show, Bonanza, Dick Van Dyke, McHale's Navy, Have Gun Will Travel and many more. 9+/9 - $29
  • THE BEST OF JOLSON - Decca Stereo DeLuxe 2 record set. Original recordings of Al Jolson enhanced for stereo. All his best in this Mint set in folding jacket. 9+/9 - $39
  • MUSIC FROM THE GREAT SILENT FILMS - Celebrity Records Stereo, 1960's. Piano music suitable to play while viewing old silent movies. 10/9+ - $29
  • HOLLYWOOD - 1979, Stet Records in a folding jacket. Original music in Stereo from the Thames television series documenting the silent film era. 10/9+ - $29
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  • LAUREL AND HARDY'S MUSIC BOX, VOLUME II - 1990, L&H Records. More newly recorded music from the great Hal Roach comedies of the 1930's. Recorded in Stereo from the original arrangements. 10/10 - $39
  • RHAPSODY IN BLUE & AMERICAN IN PARIS - 1981, Telarc Records Stereo in a folding jacket. A digital recording by the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra. 10/9+ - $24
  • MUSIC FROM THE FILMS OF CHARLIE CHAPLIN - 1972, Crescendo Records, Stereo. Music written by Charlie Chaplin for his most famous films. In a folding jacket with lots of illustrations. 9+/10 - $39
  • WINCHESTER CATHEDRAL - PALM BEACH BAND BOYS - 1966, RCA Records. Contains 10 songs from the roaring 20's era. 9+/9 - $15
  • SIXTEEN TONS (2) - 1960, Capitol Hi-Fi. Tennessee Ernie Ford sings 12 blues/country/boogie songs. 9+/9+ - $20
  • THE NEW ACOUSTIC MUSIC SAMPLER - Rounder Records. 11 numbers to test the fidelity of your sound system. 10/10 - $12

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